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The Tong Xiao Ling Chinese Opera Ensemble was established in 2005. Over the past 10 years, we have performed for local communities, local schools and general audiences all over the New York City metropolitan area. We have performed and provided demonstrations in other cities as well, making thousands of friends and Chinese Opera and all over the country; not only in the Chinese community, but across cultural divides. In the coming year we will continue to nurture and introduce this traditional Chinese art form to as many viewers as possible.


Our organization is devoted to performing and presenting classic Beijing Operas of the highest quality to modern audiences. In recent years, many professional performers have come to our shores from China, bringing with them advanced skills in the ancient techniques and a high level of professionalism.


We hope to spread knowledge about this particular style of opera, which is the culmination of over 1400 years of Chinese opera and is itself over 200 years old, making it one of the three oldest dramatic art forms in human history. Increasing understanding and appreciation for this medium will give Chinese-Americans a chance to celebrate their heritage and non-Chinese Americans a chance to enrich their multicultural knowledge base.


We wish to develop a larger interest in Chinese opera training, which involves martial arts, dancing and musicality as well as elaborate costuming. Trained young Americans, both Asian and non-Asian, are needed to develop the next generation of performers and artists in this craft. 


To accomplish these goals, we produce shows with all of the essential elements that make Chinese opera both magical and entertaining including a full orchestra, custom embroidered costumes, and traditional face painting. By expanding our audiences and our reputation, we hope to add to the future of Beijing opera in New York City and beyond.

List of Full Board and Key Staff

President              Charlene Shaw

Vice President          Alan Chou

Art Director             Chushan Zhu

Treasurer                   Nina Yoh

Production Manager  Ling Yang

General Manager        Jin Gao

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